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The meaning of the words about the Buddhas relics

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"Phra Parama Sareerikathad" (Sarīrika Dhātu) in Thailand refers to relics which originated from the Lord Buddha,this term is not use for the relics of his disciples.

"Phra Thad" (Dhātu) refers to the bone or any part of the body such as hair, nail, teeth, skin, blood, etc. which are different to those of ordinary people. These relics resembles pebble, stone, glass, diamond, etc.

Normally, the word "Phra Parama Sareerikathad" has the same meaning as "Buddha's relics". And the term "Phra Thad" means "the Relics". Even though the word "Relics" is not limited to just the the physical appearances, It usage is slighty different in Thai.

Relic [noun] :

1. an object of interest surviving from an earlier time.
2. a surviving but outdated object, custom, or belief.
3. a part of a holy persons body or belongings kept and revered after their death.

- the Compact Oxford English Dictionary -

The types of the Buddha's relics

..........Most of the Buddha relics are found to be different to the bone of the ordinary people. However, we have found certain Buddha's relics which looks the same as human bones from the Buddhist sanctuaries or museums in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. They can be divide into 2 main groups:

The Buddhas relics which looked like Dhātu

.......... These kind are found mainly in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar, etc. They are mentioned in the Tipitaka. In Thailand, they are placed in Buddhist sanctuaries of temples.

The Buddha's relics which looked like bone

.......... These kind are found only in the ancient places in India. The British Government presented them twice to Thailand in the period of King Rama V, he was pleased to allocate them in the Golden Mount of Wat Sraket in Bangkok and the Chedi Sri Mahathat of Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, Bangkhen.
* picture shown the Buddha's relics presented at National Museum of India

Characteristics of the Buddha's relics

..........These characteristics are observed and accepted by all Buddhists , they can be described as follows:

  • found in various clarity and colours such as crystal clear or opaque, white like the conch shell, gold, black, pink, red, etc.
  • found in different shapes which looks like rice grain, cabbage seed and broken bean , etc.
  • The smaller ones will float when place in water and attract each another when float together.
  • They can increase or decrease by themselves.
  • Their colour and size can change by themselves.
  • Most of them are lighter compared to ordinary stones of the same size.
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